Welcome To Jafara's World

Welcome to the enigmatic world of cybersecurity, where my true identity remains Anonymous...

Today, I am recognized as a Hacker, but my journey is destined for myriad other distinctions in the future.

With ambitious aspirations driving me forward, you, yes, you, are an integral part of this path to greatness. Soon, the veil will lift, and within the pages of the book I'm crafting, you'll uncover the intricate tapestry of my goals.

Jafara's Worlds



Jafara's Worlds

What is Jafara's Worlds? It's the Micro World that Jafara creates just for you!
Below, you'll find a list of Jafara's Different Worlds.

Who Is Jafara

Visit Jafara's Personal Website to discover more about him, his motivations, mission, and purpose.


Jafara leads HackersForce, a global organization driven by the world's top hackers. As the leading authority on cybersecurity, it serves as the largest and most influential hub for cyber protection worldwide.
HackersForce Mission: To educate, inspire, and recruit the best talents in the HackersForce community.

Jafara's Book - "Jafara's Legacy"

This book is a detailed guide for those who want to learn hacking, develop a career, or protect themselves from hackers (or are just curious about our world).
October 30, 2023: The book will be available in the Georgian language.
December 31, 2023: The book will be available in the English language.

Jafaras Hacking VIP Club in Georgia

Jafara is establishing a Hacking VIP club in Georgia for aspiring hackers. Joining this club will enable you to become a genuine hacker.
With dedicated effort over 6-9 months ( Depends On You ), you'll have the opportunity to earn one of the most valuable certificates in the hacking world—the OSCP. This certification will unlock numerous career opportunities in your future.

Jafaras Hacking Forum

Jafara has created a space for the Georgian Community where knowledge seekers come together, exchanging wisdom, all while steadfastly adhering to ethical and legal standards.

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